Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy: Pellets v. Creams and Gels

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

As a leading LA OB/GYN, I am one of the few doctors in the LA area who is able to offer my patients the choice of how they are wish to receive their HRT treatment–via pellets or creams and gels.  Very few doctors are able to do this.

What is the difference between hormones placed by pellets versus creams and gels?

Pellet hormone replacement therapy places a small pellet of hormones under the skin via a minuscule incision in the upper region of the buttocks.  The pellet provides a steady and consistently leveled release of hormone into the blood stream for four to six months. What’s more, the pellet does not have to be coated so one’s stomach acids do not destroy it and it does not have to be metabolized by the liver before it achieves its active state.

Conversely, gels and creams must be applied daily (sometimes twice daily )to achieve proper levels. However, a common complaint is having to wait for cream to be completely absorbed before getting dressed.  It is mandatory that patients receiving their bio-identical hormone therapy in this way wait 15 minutes between application and dressing so that the hormone ends up in their bloodstream, not their clothes. That being said, bioidentical gels and creams are still a viable option for some patients, though the general consensus has been that pellets are better.




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  1. MenopauseCoach replied:

    Dr. Gail,
    I think it is great that you are able to give your patients a choice of which delivery system would work the best for them. More doctors should be like you.

  2. MenopauseCoach replied:

    Dr. Gail, more doctors should be like you. I think it is great that your patients are allowed to have the choice of which delivery system they think works best for them re: bio-identical hormones.

  3. maryann replied:

    My obgyn ( not you) got all over me regarding bio identical hormone pellets. She said they weren’t fda approved and also that if I got a blood clot they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it until my pellet was used up. I think she was sour grapes because I went for the pellet and she doesn’t offer it but she did tell me if I wanted to go for bio identical to do so. Doesn’t make sense to me. I feel very good on my pellet but had a lot of bleeding. I had to up my progesterone and next pellet I will go back to the lower dose of estrogen. Maybe my dear doctor needs a pellet herself.

    • doctorgailjackson replied:

      Dear maryann,

      THe beauty of receiving BHRT in the form of pellets is we can offer you a very SMALL dose of ESTROGEN and get EXCELLENT results….None of our patients have experienced blood clots because the dosage is SOOO LOW…look at our website so we can balance you…WE offer ESTROGEN AND TESTOSTERONE balancing in the convenient carefree form of pellets. We can be seen on our utube videos “MOMENTS IN MEDICINE” and heard on our blog talk radio “TUESDAYS AT TWO”….WE WILL BEGIN HOSTING MONTHLY EVENTS BEGINNING…OPT IN TO STAY INFORMED…


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